Our Love/Hate Relationship with Summer

Self-care, Summer Stress, Parenting Challenges, Creating Memories

Ah, summer. The season we love and the season that turns us into fire-breathing dragon moms. Not this year, my friends! Let’s adjust our expectations so we can limit our anger this summer!

Schooling Guilt and Stress

Schooling, guilt, stress, kids, faith, coaching, Mom, responsibility of a mom, strengths

School is wrapping up and we often have lots of thoughts about ourselves. We feel stress and guilt and it can leave negative impressions with whatever what we’ve chosen to educate our kids. Let’s break it down!

5 Thoughts That Can Improve Your Marriage Rerun

Marriage, Thoughts, Improvement, Relationship, Husband, Pain, God

Do you have a painful marriage? Perhaps you love your marriage but there are still some things you find annoying.

In this episode, Sterling shares five powerful thoughts you can use today to improve your marriage.

Whether you’ve been in a difficult season for years or you’re just having an off day, these thoughts can help you look at that man with fresh eyes and have some hope for the future!

Run to the Lord

Run to the Lord, catholic, mom, God, prayer

No matter what you’re dealing with, Jesus is the answer. This week we’re talking about the promises of God and how He can bring you rest and peace… but we must remember to run to Him to receive this.

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