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Choose the program that fits the stage of business you're in to learn more about how discerning the will of God for your business helps you:

- stop wasting your time
- stop feeling so guilty
- stand in integrity with what you offer
- feel confident about stewarding money
- model sainthood to your kids and your clients

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Weekly Class

We will meet weekly and during that time I will be teaching, we’ll workshop things together, I’ll do some coaching, or I’ll be bringing in guest experts! These will be recorded and available as a private podcast for ease!


There will be a weekly accountability thread and I will check in with you each week. I won’t ever shame you but I’ll cheer you on and help you make better plans if you’re not hitting your goals.


You can post your website, your sales page, your social media accounts and you can get feedback from me and the other members of the society! Fresh eyes on our work is so helpful!

A Slack Group

Slack is a business forum that makes it easy to chat about specific topics (e.g. technology, money, social media, hiring etc.) This is where I’ll be coaching you during the week.


Let’s be honest, I’m always reading books, listening to podcasts, and investing in my own business coaching so I know I’ll be learning new things and sharing them with you!


One of the hardest things about being a Catholic business mom is not having people to talk to who understand what it’s like to build a business and raise kids at the same time. Here, we get it.

You don't have to do business alone.

I just sat with a first time mom. Her baby was 8 weeks old. She really struggled postpartum with a big tear, the baby was tongue tied, and she struggled to get her milk in.

I told her my story and some things I had learned after having six kids and she said...

It's so comforting to hear that I'm not alone.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

Those tips sound like they will help me a lot.

The made for business society is like that but for business.

If you have not yet made $10,000 in your business, keep scrolling check out our Launch to $10 program in Masters!

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