Catholic Marriage Hope

Finding peace and hope in a painful marriage

Yes, your marriage really is very painful.

We’re talking about marriages that involve emotional abuse, narcissism, gambling, affairs, p*rn usage, unequal division of labor, rage, borderline personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, military PTSD, significant health challenges and more.

These are not ordinary marriages.

These are sanctifying marriages and if that’s you, you’re in the right place.

My clients share things with me like:

“If I wasn’t Catholic, we’d already be divorced.”

“If he died, I’d probably feel relieved.”

“None of my friends understand what I’m going through.”

“It’s so painful, I can’t breathe.

“My marriage is really damaging our kids.”

You don't have to live in this darkness.

It’s possible to feel peace and love in the very marriage you have right now. I promise.

After going through my 12-week program, you will know how to:

And most of all… you’re going to feel hope that things can get better.

Things will get better.

Who am I?

I'm Sterling Jaquith, and I have a painful marriage.

Our marriage was painful from the very beginning. There was no honeymoon phase for us. We got pregnant right away and had six kids in eight years. We had two 10-month periods of complete abstinence because of bedrest and postpartum.

We are extremely devout Catholics and it just didn’t make any sense that our marriage was so painful.

I have cried so many tears and railed at God after heartbreaking fights that left me feel alone and unloved. For years, I was hopeless.

I learned how to have peace and to feel loved without changing my husband at all. Now, I teach Catholic women four simple skills so they can do the same.

Sanctifying Marriage Process


Shorten the Stress Cycle

Learn to limit how long you’re in a fight or flight state


Control your Actions

Stop throwing verbal knives at your husband


Deal with your Anger

Heal wounds through forgiveness and renouncing lies


Know, Love & Serve God

Steward this one beautiful life that you have well

Here's what this program includes:

12–Week Course

I walk you through four skills with short videos and make them feel easy to practice.

A Simple Workbook

I hold your hand through simple exercises that lead to the Lord and lead you to peace.

A Weekly Coaching Call

We come together and we give each other real support and actual problem-solving help.

A Community Chat

A place where we can hold each other’s hearts (and that’s not on Facebook). A true support community of women who get it.

All of that... and lifetime access.

I want to support you through your marriage no matter what life brings!

Price: $1,200

Deadline to Sign Up: July 8th

Payment plan available.


No. This program is open to any Catholic woman who is married. A painful marriage is still very painful whether you have kids or not.

Yes! During checkout you can opt for 6 monthly payments of $225.

Absolutely. We are going to be talking about very real and private things. Nothing will be public. I will not share anything without expressly asking permission first and I will always leave out names and identifying information. This is a completely safe space for Catholic women.

No. If you are physically in danger, get to safety and find a local women’s group/shelter or a parish that can help you with next steps.

The weekly coaching call will be Mondays at 10 am PST/1 pm EST starting on July 8th.

Yes. Doors close at Midnight PST on July 8th.

Navigating a painful marriage is hard.

You can discover peace.

Catholic Marriage Hope
equips you with:

Price: $1,200

Deadline to Sign Up: July 8th

Payment plan available when you check out.

30–Day Money Back Guarantee

I know you've tried a lot of things. I want to make it easy for you to try again. If this doesn't help you in the first 30 days, I'll refund your money.

Navigating a painful marriage is hard.

You can discover peace.

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