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During this 14 Day "Love Your Husband" Challenge, each morning you'll receive a powerful email with: 
A short yet meaningful mindset reflection to help you start your day off right -  thinking about your husband in a very thoughtful and intentional way. 
A daily challenge. We will give you fun, creative and simple acts of love you can do for your husband each day - which we guarantee will create MASSIVE payoffs in your relationship!
Three fun, flirtatious and even a little "steamy" text messages for you to send and surprise your husband with to make him feel....oh, so loved and extra special. We're gonna make it super easy for you to "turn up the heat" and spice things up!
A beautiful prayer written by one of our amazing Masters members. Each day, we will be covering our husbands in prayers focused on the significant aspects of their lives (his fatherhood, his faith-life, his health and well being, his friendships, etc.)
Love Your Husband
14-Day Challenge
For Catholic Wives
 What others are saying about this challenge:

"This challenge definitely brought me out of my comfort zone (in such a good way!!!) I was always so excited to read the new challenges every day! I noticed a big change in how my husband treated me simply because of how I changed talking to him - thanks to these emails and daily challenges!"   - Hailey

"I loved the LOVE YOUR HUSBAND CHALLENGE! My husband said how much he appreciated the daily texts and how much he looked forward to them every day. I love that the text messages had three different choices everyday, so no matter where you are in your relationship or in your cycle, there was an option for you!"
- Nichole

"My husband enjoyed this challenge, because after the first day or two, he figured out something was going on with the texts. He enjoyed getting a text, even though he knew it was curated. Some of the reflections made me realize his perspective on things which is important. Another great thing was that I shared this challenge with a couple of my girl friends and we loved talking about the texts, the response from the texts and just really thinking about and encouraging each other in our marriages, which was an unexpected surprise." - Michelle

"Thank you so much for putting together the LOVE YOUR HUSBAND CHALLENGE! My husband was pleasantly surprised when I told him that I had been praying for him in a special way the past two weeks and he really appreciated it. I looked forward to the daily email and I love th different aspects of the mindset reflections as well as the practical daily challenges. The prayers were beautiful!!! All in all, I spent more time intentionally focused on loving and praying for my husband, which is really good!" - Sarah

"I loved the challenge and was kind of sad on day 15 when it was over. It helped me to appreciate my husband more and reminded me to send him text durring the day to let him know how much I appreciate all the he does for our family and for who he is. Thank you for running this challenge!" - EH

"Loved it - It really made me think about my husband often and in a good light....he absolutely loved the daily text love notes, I will try to keep that going. We're in a good place right now, and I'm surprised at how much the challenge "challenged" me in being vulnerable, taking risks, etc."
- Madeline

"It was AMAZING!!! i loved the mindset shifts and also the daily challenge. The texts were super fun and the prayers were meaningful. What a blessing it was!" - Stephanie

"This challenge helped me re-center on what my most important role is in my marriage, namely loving my husband well. It helped me reflect more intentionally on the great gift that my husband is to our family and to respond in gratitude by being a more gracious wife."
- Brittany

"I would say that I have a really great marriage, but it can always be better! It was nice to have a daily reminder and prayer for my husband. It's just truly eye-opening to realize how much I truly love him when I take a minute in my day to really think about it. I loved the challenge and look forward to more!" - Maggie


Q: Do I need to join a Facebook group or be on social media to paritcipate in this challenge?
A: No, you will not need to join any groups for this challenge or be on social media. Upon signing up, you will receive inspiring, fun, and meaningful daily emails for the 14 days that this challenge is running.

Although there are no groups to join, we encourage you to invite other Catholic wives that you are close with to also sign-up for this challenge. You can connect and support each other and celebrate your "wins"  as you participate in this challenge together!

Q: Do I need to be in the Masters program to participate in this Challenge?
A: No, this challenge is for all Catholic wives whether or not you are in the Masters Life Coaching Program.

Q: Do I need to be Catholic to participate in this Challenge?
A: No, you do not. However, please know that this challenge is ran by Catholic women and is created within a Catholic framework. However, any woman wanting to focus on investing in her marriage will benefit from participating in this challenge.

Q: Will I be asked or expected to purchase anything during this challenge?
A: No, this challenge is 100% free. It is our gift to you. We hope and pray that it is a blessing to you and your marriage. 

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them."
1 John 4:16