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Life Doesn’t Have to Feel This Hard

Life before this workshop…

Life after this workshop…

We’re serious. This is a life-changing workshop.

You are not a hot mess mom. Your thinking is a mess.

If you learn to clean up your thinking… your life is going to start falling into place.

For example, do you remember how much energy you spent thinking about dating and finding a husband?

Don’t you wish you grab that younger you and say DON’T WASTE ENERGY ON THAT!

We know that thinking actually takes a lot of energy.

When you clean up your thinking, you free up energy and THAT’s how you start getting more things done… including taking better care of yourself.

Ready for the secret?

It’s simple. And it’s the opposite of what you’ve been doing.

Here’s what you’ll receive on each of the three days of the workshop:


Morning Audio Prayer

You’ll receive a prayerful and inspirational audio message to enjoy on your morning walk, with your coffee, or in bed. We’ll give your brain something to reflect on throughout the day.

Instead of letting your brain worry and chew on drama, we’ll give it something positive to think about instead.


Live Workshop Session

Come join other Catholic moms and learn simple steps you can start immediately. We will teach and we will ask for real life examples from attendees so we can demonstrate how to use these tools with the real problems you’re facing.

We’ll help you go from theory to practice right away.


Evening Encouragement

As the day draws to a close, we’ll send you a link to the replay of the day’s workshop with some words of encouragement.

Your brain resists new things so we’ll hold your hand and cheer you on every step of the way so you learn what it’s like to speak to yourself with kindness and love.

And more!

You'll receive powerful worksheets

Be a woman committed to doing the work.

Brains don’t like the word work but God made us for work. When we work from peace it feels deeply satisfying. We don’t like the discomfort of growth but we love how it feels when we have grown.

Each day we’ll ask a few thought-provoking questions that you to the Lord and to how He wants you to think about yourself.

This book will feel gentle and loving. You might feel guilty taking the time to explore your relationship with yourself but that’s exactly the point of what we’re teaching.

You are worth thinking about.
You are worth time.
You are worth loving.

The Workshop Details

Day 01


Expect: To feel hopeful about your new relationship with yourself.

Day 02


Expect: To completely change your idea of what control is. You’ll love this!

Day 03


Expect: Healing, gentleness, mercy, and love.

Our mission is to change your life in 3 days.

We know this is possible because we’ve done it for thousands of other Catholic moms.

"The Model has been eye-opening and life-altering for me!"

When I feel “stuck,” I pull out this tool and dig down into my feelings and thoughts. It allows me to peel away the layers and the fluff to get to the real reason I am stuck. Once I can figure out the reason, I am able to modify my thoughts and actions, which allows me to get “unstuck” and start to make progress toward my goal.

- Donna

"I joined hoping to lose a little weight, but I lost so much more! I feel alive for the first time in years."

Learning these tools changed my life. I joined hoping to lose a little weight, but I lost so much more! I lost my negative self-talk, my hopeless outlook on the world, my disconnection from my family. Instead, I have gained confidence, connection, and purpose. I feel alive for the first time in years – finally thriving rather than just surviving.

- Kristy

"If you want to feel empowered and supported as you grow into the woman God made you to be, this is the place for you."

Wow! I have been watching the coaching calls or videos a couple times a week and working through the Made Daily sheets each day for close to a month, and I have already learned so much about myself. I love using the model, and have even helped one of my children work through a challenge with it. If you want to feel empowered and supported as you grow into the woman God made you to be, this is the place for you. Thank you Masters Team!

- Jen

"I am loving my life more and more as I go through the program."

Before I joined, much of the time, I felt like I was a machine just getting my jobs done. I measured my success only on how much I got done and how much sleep I still could get. Now I am learning that is not the life God the Father wants for his daughters. We want our kids to love their lives, so of course God wants me to love mine, too, every day. I am loving my life more and more as I go through the program.

- Lori

Who are we?

We’re a powerhouse team of traditional Catholic moms.

who both discovered these tools on our own in seasons of life when we were drowning. Then we found each other and knew we had to bring this to other Catholic moms.

Sterling Jaquith

I’m Sterling Jaquith and I live in Northern Idaho on five acres with my husband, six young children, 25 chickens, and a giant white Great Pyrenese. I converted to Catholicism at 24 and I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 17.

I had six kids in eight years and experienced five miscarriages during that time. I spent a total of 12 months over 3 years in bedrest with my last three pregnancies. We call them Irish triplets.

I was drowning, unhappy, I didn’t like the little kid circus at all, and I felt hopeless that I would get pregnant forever and live in loud chaos for the rest of my life.

Then life coaching changed my life. My days are still full as you can imagine but I know exactly how to handle that now. I feel hopeful about my life now. I know exactly how to use control to bring me peace.

Lorissa Horn

I’m Lorissa Horn. I’m married to the love of my life, Johnny Horn. We have seven beautiful children. I have been in youth ministry since I was in college. I have a heart for helping teens and adults discovery the beauty of the Catholic faith. 

There was a time when I had all these amazing blessings around me but I wasn’t happy. I was drowning in stress and overwhelm. I was confused because I had this life that I had prayed for but I wasn’t enjoying it because I was so anxious. 

These tools that we’re going to teach you in this work shop completely transformed my life as a mom. I now am able to handle our family’s full life of school, sports, ministry, and friends while still having peace. 

I know how to turn around a difficult day. And most of all, I know how to treat myself with love and kindness throughout it all. 

What women say about how we’ve helped them:

Life doesn’t have to be this hard.

Don’t you want to know how to enjoy your life right now?

Wouldn’t it be mind-blowingly incredible if this workshop really did change your life in 3 days?

Loving your life is possible right now.  We’re going to show you how.

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