Calling all Catholic moms who feel frazzled, anxious, or stuck.

Let's step confidently into our role as Catholic wife, mother, and woman of God and create lives we live more fully. I'm creating a movement of women who are pursuing Catholic Mom Calm.

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Come join us as we do the work together.

Crafted as a six-week study for both individual and group exploration, “Catholic Mom Calm” will give you tools to calm your body, stop speaking to yourself in such a negative way, hear the voice of God and discern His will for your life, and make rock-solid plans to make your life so much easier. Join my study starting September 18th, kickstart your own, or locate one nearby – let’s calm the chaos of everyday life. 

Come join our Catholic Mom Calm Community. We have a beautiful community of women committed to doing this work and amazing coaches focused on supporting them along the way. We have courses on faith, marriage, parenting, minimalism, setting boundaries, ending negative self-talk, and more. Don’t worry. It won’t feel overwhelming because we show you exactly what to start with.

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