Time to put some sparkle back in your marriage.
When life gets hard,
it's easy to think things like...

"He doesn't respect me."
"He never helps me."
"We live like roommates."
"We don't have any time for each other."

Eventually we feel... uninspired.
We feel unloved. We feel unwanted. We feel stuck.

And often... we feel hopeless.
We got you, Mama.
We're Sterling and Lorissa. We help Catholic moms have the marriage God wants them to have.

This isn't an "offer it up" kind of class. We will teach you how to actually have less pain in your marriage no matter what you're going through.
Here's what the Husband Makeover includes:

  • A 30-day workbook with powerful questions that open you up to the possibility of a happy, healthy, and holy marriage.

  •  Four classes that focus on the four roles your husband plays (provider, father, lover, and spiritual leader.)

  • Learn tools you can use to feel more in control: The Manual, Processing Pain, and Setting Boundaries
Your Brain is Dramatic

It's easy to focus on the things he DOESN'T do.

And you know what, your brain is really good at that. It will find lots of evidence that things are terrible and that you don't have a good marriage.

That's why we created this makeover to train your brain to see your husband the way God sees him and to see this journey you're on... the journey of marriage as your path to sainthood.

God didn't forget about you.
He didn't give you a broken marriage.
He doesn't want you to be this unsatisfied.

Join us for this challenge and we'll show you how to have hope.

This Challenge Has Ended

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