You can do this motherhood thing without losing your mind.

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We've made these free resources to help Catholic moms grow in holiness.

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Heal Your Relationship with Food

Eating food doesn’t have to be confusing. Learn how to eat your favorite foods and lose weight. This is a way to lose weight you can’t do “wrong.” Stop feeling controlled by food. We teach you how to lose weight His way, from love.

Love Your Husband Challenge

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget to show your special guy that you love him. In this 14-day challenge, you’ll get a daily prompt, prayer, and flirty texts to send to your husband to add some warmth and spice to your marriage!

Catholic Mom's Encourage Bundle

Add a little extra sunshine to your family! Get 30 cheerful printable cards to brighten your child’s day. PLUS 100 encouraging phrases to lift them up, teach them that God created them for special things, and that you love watching them live life!

Meet Lorissa & Sterling.

We were both drowning in stress and sadness, crying out to the Lord. "Life shouldn't be this hard!"

The tools we teach absolutely transformed our lives and now we're on a mission to help other catholic moms.

Motherhood can be lonely and exhausting. Our program will show you how to love your daily life! That’s what happens when you join this community. 

We are all striving for sainthood. It’s messy and beautiful and we’re here for all of it, together. 

You really can find peace no matter what you’re going through. We’ll show you how.

"11 months later I continue to pay for the monthly membership and I’m not sure I’ll ever stop!"

It was almost a year ago that I learned about Masters. I had no idea what Life Coaching was or all that I would gain from it. I just knew I was in need of help in so many areas of life that this was a last-ditch effort. Worst-case scenario I told myself I would be paying for one month and not getting anything out of it.

11 months later I continue to pay for the monthly membership and I’m not really sure I’ll ever stop! I went in thinking I needed a better way to manage my depression and then I realized that my marriage and parenting needed work. After that, I answered the call to start a business and now I follow the business program. There really is no end to what you can get from this group! Join today! You won’t regret it!

- Lauren, Colorado


God wants so much more for you than just survival.

Masters is a membership for Catholic moms designed to give the more control and confidence in their lives.

Most of us have read about the ability to have peace in any storm… but we have no idea how to do that. In Masters, we show you and it completely transforms your daily life.

The Podcast

Short episodes with practical steps, lots of love, and so much Jesus!

It feels like a cup of coffee with an old friend who knows just what you need to hear today. Just the right amount of comforting and challenging, Sterling and Lorissa teach you how to step into the life God is calling you to.

Discerning the Will of God

What if you knew how to hear God's voice? We can show you how.

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