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When we decided to make a waitlist for the Food Freeom program, we asked ourselves, “How can we make an email waitlist so powerful that women get a transformation just reading these emails?”

And that’s exactly what we’ve created. Each week, we’ll send you powerful, uplifting, and challenging emails that lead you to the Holy Spirit and to a life of peace.

You’ll also be the first to hear about the Food Freedom program when it launches again.

Here’s to real freedom. The first email you receive will help you with the first step… awareness.

What you'll learn:

Lies our workshop attendees found were blocking them from losing weight:

Do any of these sound familiar?


Hi! We're Sterling and Lorissa and we used these tools to lose weight after struggling for decades. Seriously... decades.

We help Catholic moms who feel hopeless about weight loss, feel hope again and use that feeling to lose weight in a completely new way.

IF YOU FEEL frustrated and discouraged, this workshop is for you:

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