A No Disappointment Christmas

How many of you have planned on feeling disappointed this Christmas? Probably very few of you. And yet… so many of us feel disappointed at some time every year. I break down four common moments of disappointment and what we can do about them!

Really, You’re a Good Mom

Your brain is designed to find danger and keep you alive. Telling you’re a good mom… doesn’t really help keep you alive.

Instead, your brain thinks it’s so clever to tell you all the ways you’re a failure hoping that you’ll take even less risks and stay alive longer. 

Today’s episode is about how we can talk to our brains and stop feeling so awful about ourselves!

Is Sports Hurting Your Family?

Are sports out of control for your family? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure sports are adding more good than harm!

When Gratitude Feels Blocked

“You should be grateful on Thanksgiving!” Forcing ourselves to feel grateful when we feel anything but… is a recipe for a grumpy mom. I’ll show you how to give yourself space and to gently invite yourself to gratitude when you’re ready and this will help you have more peace this Thanksgiving season.

Home For Break Protocol

Kids off of school? Taking a break from homeschooling? College kids crashing on the couch? Family in from out of town. Here’s how to make the most of a holiday break!

Stop the Bickering

Does all the sibling bickering drive you crazy? Here’s exactly what you can do so you don’t lose your mind AND so you can teach them how to treat each other with more kindness.

Waking Up with Dread

Do you wake up with a sense of dread like you just don’t want to do today? I know why and I know what you can do about it!

Hey Mama… You’re the Boss

You’re the boss of the holiday season, did you know that? You get to decide what you do and don’t do. I break down how you can decide what activities you and your family can do this holiday season!

Taylor Swift and Halloween

Be gentle with me. I have some thoughts about Taylor Swift and Halloween and I want to share them so you see how I make decisions about what I’m willing to listen to or do with my kids.

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