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Christina Brown

Christina Brown specializes in coaching her clients in the following areas:

Lorissa Horn

Lorissa Horn specializes in coaching her clients in the following areas:

Sterling Jaquith

Sterling Jaquith specializes in coaching her clients in the following areas:

Christina Brown

Catholic Life COach

I'm the "thrive and live with JOY" coach!

I am a Catholic wife of 23 years and mother of 6 incredible children, ranging from 22-4. I am passionate about living out my vocation and invigorated to help others grow closer to Christ. 


I love supporting women in intentionally living out the fullness of life that God desires for you. I deeply desire to help women discover the peace and joy I have found. Helping you find true JOY is my passion!


My goal is to help you refocus, learn, and face the future with hope and knowledge of how to overcome the daily obstacles, as well as the deeper struggles.


I long to serve women in powerful ways as they support their teens and young adults during some of the most impactful years of their lives. I have experience in transitioning kids from high school to adulthood. This can sometimes come with the difficulty of mental health struggles for you and your children. I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles, especially when mental health issues arise within your families or yourselves.


My superpower is to be a Pillar of Strength, the Calm in the Storm and to be an example to others of what is possible when you show up intentionally for the incredible, unpredictable, and exciting life God has in store for you! I’m passionate about walking with women, to teach them how they can live life abundantly, and find the extraordinary in their ordinary lives.

"1 on 1 coaching has truly been one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself, all because I chose the thought "I’m worth investing in"

After being in Masters for over a year I decided it was time to dive deep. When they first announced 1-1 coaching I felt a nudge to do it but was reserved because of the cost. After praying about it and talking numbers with my husband I finally decided that for my birthday I would give myself the gift of 1-1 Life Coaching.

It truly was a game changer right from the start. Some of my “deep” & reoccurring thoughts I was able to uncover in a new light. Having the accountability and a weekly check in was so helpful for those times when my brain wanted to take the easy way out and buffer.

I became even more grateful that I listened to that nudge to do 1-1 coaching because life hit me hard during those 12 weeks! My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD, my mom passed away while I was 35 weeks pregnant and my brother was arrested and back in jail. It felt heavy and crushing and I’m not sure I could have processed through it on my own. Having someone to walk with me and encourage me to feel ALL the feelings so that I could release myself from the negative ones and how to unconditionally love myself and everyone around me no matter the circumstances has brought me so much joy throughout all the pain which in the past would have made me crumble.

It has truly been one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself all because I chose the thought “I’m worth investing in”

- Michaela

Lorissa Horn

Catholic Life COach

My motto for life: Let's be Saints!

I coach extraordinary Catholic moms (some just don’t quite know how extraordinary they are….yet)!

I help Catholic Moms that feel stuck in stress and overwhelm by getting their time and energy back so that they can focus on creating a life they absolutely LOVE. I also help moms stop the devastating cycle of negative self-talk, the shame game of mom guilt and self-judgment, and the endless cycle of worry that can rob us of the joy God desires for us.

Now is the time for us to live our lives with purpose and clarity and to show up as the women God is calling us to be! When we have a plan on how to do this, it’s so much easier and so much more fun to parent from a place of intention, self-respect, peace, and joy.

I coach women that have big hearts, and big dreams, who love their families fiercely, and who are ready to GO-ALL-IN on themselves so that they can give the BEST of themselves to the ones they love most.

Mama, we can’t do this alone. We need a community and often times we need a coach. I’m here to help you step more confidently into the Motherhood your know you were made for.

I specialize in:

Lorissa is not currently booking new 1:1 coaching clients.

"Through coaching, I discovered that I was holding myself back from experiencing the healing and grace God wanted to give me."

- Maggie

Sterling Jaquith

Catholic Life COach

I'm the Holy Spirit business coach.

Has God called you to business? If you feel that calling…I help you figure out what that means and how to not let that calling steal you from your family.

Does this sound like you? God placed a dream on your heart and then you get lost in the details about technology, sales, and marketing. You want to serve and help others but you also don’t want to feel guilty making money or taking time away from your family.

I help you remember your calling and figure out how to fit it into your life with peace and ease.

We work through any blocks you have to the Holy Spirit’s plan so you can set those down and get to the mission He has called you.

Doing business from peace is so much better than spinning out in confusion and worry.

Sterling is not currently booking new Catholic Mom Calm 1:1 Coaching Clients. For business coaching options, please visit Made for Business.

"She constantly points me back to Jesus, my true business partner."

- Gina


Is Catholic life coaching right for you?

Great question! Life coaching is about two things… getting unstuck… and then achieving goals. This isn’t therapy. We don’t spend a lot of time digging in your childhood. Instead, we help you pay attention to what you are thinking now. We help you see how your thinking… the stories you are believing… are often keeping you stuck and causing you pain. Together we pray and ask God what He wants for your life. Then we create new thoughts that lead you to that life. Our clients have profound transformations and they have them very quickly.

Life coaching is one of the most valuable investments you can make because the lessons you learn that significantly improve the whole rest of your life. 

You have more confidence. You set better boundaries. You learn to speak to yourself kindly. 

And most of all, you learn how to grow closer to God so you can more clearly hear what He wants you to do with your life.

It costs $399 a month for active Catholic Mom Calm members. Not a Catholic Mom Calm member? Sign up here for our community first. 

For the most part, Life Coaching is present and future-focused whereas counseling and therapy can focus a lot on the past. Therapists and counselors also have tools to help clients that are dealing with trauma, extreme depression and anxiety, and other mental health issues (bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.) 
In Life Coaching, we help clients identify the thoughts and emotions that are keeping them stuck or holding them back and give them the tools and support they need to move forward successfully. 
Here is a great analogy (from a life coach that is also a therapist). If a person feels like they are in a dark hole and cannot get out on their own, a counselor or therapist is qualified to help get them out of that dark place and back onto solid ground where they can live as a functioning adult. Life Coaching helps a person already on solid ground move to the next level in their life by helping them improve specific areas while taking steps toward achieving their personal goals and dreams. 

Life coaching is about looking forward and creating your life – on purpose. It’s about finding the ways you’re holding yourself back and coming up with really simple and practical ways to stop those toxic patterns. We teach you the difference between confidence and self-confidence. We teach about the importance of self-compassion and setting boundaries. Most of all, we teach you that God desires for you to live with peace and we show you how to do that.

We meet with our clients weekly over Zoom.We coach you on your challenges and your goals. We help you get clear on what you want and help you figure out how to create that vision in your life. We help you love your daily life. It really doesn’t have to be so hard.

Of course, your brain is wondering this. You’ve tried so many things. What makes this different? We can honestly say our clients are blown away by the work we do. We often hear, “Why doesn’t anyone teach us these tools in school?” Learning the Model and how to slow down and analyze your thinking… it’s like having a key that unlocks all your other knowledge. you probably know how to eat right or how to communicate with your husband well. You just aren’t doing it because you don’t have this key. You don’t know how to manage your thinking. once you learn this tool, it unlocks everything. The time you spend with a one-on-one coach isn’t about getting results in that 12 weeks, it’s about going to school and learning tools that you’ll use for the rest of your life. You absolutely will get results.

Catholic Mom Calm is like joining the gym. There are lots of courses in there and you can get coaching on group coaching calls. 1-on-1 coaching is like hiring a personal trainer. Both will get you results but working one-on-one with a trainer will get you more personalized and faster results. We created both because we wanted all Catholic moms to get to experience life coaching so they can take back control of their lives. Pray about it. God will lead you where He wants you to go. 

And if you would like some help deciding, you can book a 15 minute inquiry call with one of our coaches currently accepting clients by clicking on her name: Christina Brown.

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Coaches Currently Accepting Clients: Christina Brown

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Christina Brown

Christina Brown specializes in coaching her clients in the following areas:

Lorissa Horn

Lorissa Horn specializes in coaching her clients in the following areas:

Sterling Jaquith

Sterling Jaquith specializes in coaching her clients in the following areas:

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